Eco-Friendly System Of Cleaning-Steam Cleaning

Eco-Friendly System Of Cleaning-Steam Cleaning

What is Steam Cleaning and what we do?

Steam cleaning is nothing but a process which includes water, heat and a powerful cleaner or machine. In a process it requires a certain amount of water (as per area) with a cleaner which convert that water into steam and after that cleaner pushed that steam on the surface. The steam is exceptionally hot, usually over 200º F at the tip because heat is a very important factor in steam cleaning.

man with steamer removing dust

At Advanced FMS, Quality services are our first priority and never compromise on that. We use advance cleaning equipment and technology for the cleaning. We provide end to end support to our clients on the basis of their demand which includes Material, equipment, training to staff, maintenance and MIS reports as well.

Benefit & Why you should go for steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is process in which we required water (As per need) and heat. And on the other hand steam cleaning is a healthy and environment friendly process if we avoid using chemical. Heat from the steam can kill many common types of household or Indoor bacteria, including i.e. Coli, listeria and salmonella which produce allergies to many people and also have become a major problem of our society. There are several benefits of using a steam cleaning which are stated below –

If you don’t have any reasons then come with us we will give you many reasons.

 At Advanced FMS we don’t use any chemical for steam cleaning because we care about our environment.

At Advanced FMS we use Powerful steam cleaner which removes dust mites, germs, mould, and fungus.

For carpets cleaning, we at Advanced FMS use Powerful steam cleaner only for spot cleaning and for large surface we use carpet cleaning machine.

Steam cleaning provides a whole new level of cleaning.

It saves money and also takes less time as compare to water cleaning.

Written By- Anil Prajapati