Why The Question Of Green Chemicals For Housekeeping Is Arising?

Why The Question Of Green Chemicals For Housekeeping Is Arising?

What is the need? Concerns include?

Let’s Analyze.

Green Chemical is nothing but a product/Eco-Chemical which promotes environmental responsibility and reduce negative impact on health. Chemicals are also responsible for air quality which creates negative impact on employees and customers.                                                                                                        
                A green chemical for cleaning are reducing energy consumption, reduces waste , improves hygiene and creates a healthier environment.

The usage of green chemicals in India is growing slowly but also creating a huge wave of it. In recent year, hospitality Sector also taking a part in it by providing proper training about utilization and usage of green chemicals. Hospitality Sectors are raising their standards of aspects in terms of eco-friendliness and eco- environment.

The need of green chemical?

Green Chemicals For Housekeeping Services
  • Green Chemicals can be recycled when no longer of use.
  • Less consumption of water, electricity and chemicals.
  • No fake promises, just a healthy approach towards Cleaning Method.
  • Reduce the risk of illness.
  • Better Air Quality.


  • Will Prevent From excess moisture, mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Use Vacuum instead of sweep
  • Use Microfiber mop
  • Recycle paper products
  • Avoid washing powder which contains toxic chemicals.
Concerns For Green Chemicals

Benefits of Going Green.

Green chemicals protect environment as well as human health. Housekeeping staff complaints of headaches, nausea, skin troubles and eye troubles – this problem occur due to long time spent on using rough chemical while doing cleaning. Thus, due to large numbers complaints and putting eye on employee’s heath Facility Management Organization taking a huge step towards Green chemical. After the research of U.S. Department of Labor the Indian Facility/Hospitality Industry is making all the effort to match their standards with the international standard of green cleaning. The concept of going green will be benefited to both business and the Environment

Written By- Anil Prajapati