Horticulture Services

Horticulture Services

Horticulture Services at Advanced fms

Horticulture is nothing but a plantation and maintenance of plant which includes soil management, garden designing, plantation, landscape restoration and construction.

Here at Advanced FMS, We Provide outstanding horticulture services with an advanced technology under the supervision of professionals. Professionals use their skill, knowledge, experience and advance tools to grow plant. We provide horticulturists (Professionals) like gardeners, designer and advisor (technical).

Generally, we have divided Horticulture Services into four types and they are Landscape Designing Services, Lawn Service, Maintenance Services and Water & Soil Sample Analysis Services.

Landscape Designing Services: – Landscape Designing is an integral part of our property which makes our property look even more attractive. Landscape Designing is not only limited to looks good but also must be environment friendly. Here at Advanced FMS, we used advanced gardening tools like Leaf Blower, Fertilizer, Safety Gear, Truck or Trailer, Wheelbarrow, Cordless Drill and Tiller which is most important and mandatory to maintain or to create an attractive landscape.

Lawn Service: – We have been committed to providing sustainable Lawn Service that minimally impacts our environment. As a Facility Management Services Organization it is our duty to take care of how our services and our practices affect environment. Our environment friendly services are responsible for beneficial lawn treatments, grub treatment, core aeration and expertise.

Maintenance Services: – Maintenance is most important thing in horticulture services because without proper maintenance plants and grass of the lawn and garden will die. So for that, we provide highly advance equipment’s with highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to their work and promises. For Maintenance Services we have wide range of equipment which includes Ride on Mowers, Electric Lawn Mowers, Garden Equipment, Power Lawn Mower, Electric Lawn Mower and Many More.

Water & Soil Sample Analysis Services: – Again, Water and soil tests are the most important things if we want to maintain our lawn and garden for a longer period. A soil and water test is the process in which we diagnose the water and soil and remove the harmful elements from it and check the amount of fertilizer of the soil. We also analyze soil for nitrate nitrogen, and extractable phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur because each amount of element plays an important role in it. And for that we do multiple tests to analyze water and soil.

With the help of advanced equipment and manpower we have strengthen our capacity to serve our clients on the basis of their demand and needs while maintaining quality.

Written By- Anil Prajapati