How Do We Work As To Meet the Elements of 5S at Advanced FMS and Security Services?

When it’s come to Service quality then we are very determined and focused. So, Here at Advanced FMS we ensure that the service provide from us must meet with the elements of 5 S. The Guideline of 5S Elements believe in Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardize and Sustain & that’s how it’s differentiated.

Let me tell you something about 5S. Like what is 5S methodology and from where it’s come from?

5S Elements or Methodology is nothing but a pillar or can say a base of system of waste management which help organization to reduce their cost & can help to achieve goals by increasing productivity. The 5S Elements stands for seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke in Japanese language because it came from Japan and in English it stands for Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Now, 5S Elements are being used by several industries in the world.

5S Elements or Methodology and how we used it at Advanced FMS and Security Services.
5S Methodology

1. Sort: – Sort describes Systematization or Simplify things at Workplace.

At Advanced FMS and Security Services, We categories and divide the things as per our needs and requirement. And that’s how it works until and unless if we’ll not categories and divide the things then it will get meshed up and will create huge problem at a base level. So, Sorting at a base level is strengthening the system, savings our valuable time and also helping the waste management team.

2. Stabilize: – Stabilize describes Labeling and arranging things at Workplace.

At Advanced FMS and Security Services, We label and arrange necessary item or things at a right place which makes them easy to locate, use and recognize. By implementing this element we save human energy because Facility Management services are all about human energy.

3. Shine: – Shine describes swept and clean things at Workplace.

Here, we make sure that everything is clean, functioning properly and ready for use. As a Facility Management Services provider we believe in a clean productive and bright environment.

4. Standardize: – Standardize describes Combination of above all elements which put all elements at one place or in an easy language we can say putting Sort, Stabilize and Shine in one whole.

Here at Advanced FMS and Security Services, We also set step for every work or in services which we provide like housekeeping, security guard, facade system and more. Because setting a step is like steps of stairs – after reaching at first, have to take second one.

5. Sustain: – Sustain describe making a routine of maintaining correct procedures. This element is most important and challenging for everyone whether its management or employee.

Here, we are developing and formalizing standard operating procedures, safety rules, housekeeping and maintenance calendars, and so on.

Written By- Anil Prajapati